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Vehicle Services

A summary of our services:

Regular Vehicle Servicing

Service of your vehicle is completed according to the Manufacturer's Handbook. Your booklet outlines the service procedures for servicing at regular intervals. We also conduct a vehicle safety report inspection and items checked typically include:

•brake system
•air filter
•suspension and shock absorbers
•coolant/ cooling system and hoses
•lighting and electrical system
•oil, filter and leaks
•fuel injection system
•tyre pressure and wear
•fan and timing belts
•transmission system
•fuel filter and fuel system
•exhaust system
•other specific requirements

Your log book will be stamped by Elite Service Centre at the end of each service. We understand the importance of maintaining the level of our professional service to the highest possible standards and so our automotive service technicians attend training sessions to stay up to date with current and new technologies used in today's vehicles.

Regular log book servicing at Elite Service Centre protects your new car warranty and we take pride in the work we do.

Warranty Check Service

At Elite Service Centre we ensure that your log book servicing is carried out according to your manufacturer's service schedule to maximise your new car warranty and look after its needs. Your statutory new car warranty is protected as we only use genuine parts or manufacturer equivalents.

Towards the end of your warranty period we recommend that you bring in your car to us for a warranty check service. We can then advise you of any repairs or faults that may be covered by your warranty. This then allows you the opportunity to return to you car dealer to have repairs or replacements done before the end of your warranty.

If your car is no longer covered by warranty then please call us for our other comprehensive services.

Brake faults and repairs

The brake system in your car is a critical system for safe driving. Brake systems are under constant stress and subject to overheating. Elite Service Centre technicians inspect your brakes for:

•fluid leaks and condition of brake fluid
•damage and wear to brake hose
•brake shoe/pad and brake drum/rotor wear
•mechanical and hydraulic function
•hand brake operation

If your car has ABS (anti lock braking) then this is also checked


Steering and Suspension

Car suspension must be checked regularly. Not only is it important for smooth driving, but it also affects the life of your tyres and how your vehicle handles and performs in emergency situations.

Elite Service Centre tests your suspension and steering at every service:

•shock absorbers
•suspension and steering components
•tyres and alignment



Automatic Transmission Service

Your car's automatic transmission is the vehicle's most complicated and least understood major component. In later model cars is is a combination of sophisticated hydraulics and computer controlled components. Elite Service Centre recommends servicing every 12 months or 20,000kms whichever comes first.

Transmission servicing involves new transmission fluid, filter, new pan gasket and adjustments where applicable. An inspection is carried out to components related to the transmission such as cooler hoses, pipes, mountings, inhibitor switch and linkages.

Routine servicing helps to keep debris and worn friction material out of solenoids and valves which can cause premature wear.

The life expectancy of a vehicle's transmission can be affected by many factors, poor driving habits, hauling and towing heavy loads, overheating and leaking fluid.

Our goal is to ensure that all work is completed right the first time at the lowest cost possible. So if your vehicle requires a transmission service please give us a call and we will be happy to book you in.

As always we will discuss your vehicle's requirements and quote you before we commence working on your vehicle, so that you know upfront what will be done and how much it will cost.


Cooling system service and repairs

Proper function of the cooling system of your vehicle helps to maintain the life of your engine and your car's fuel efficiency. The cooling systems used today are more complex and more effective, however if the correct operating temperature is not maintained and corrosive damage not minimised, then this can lead to major repairs.

At Elite Service Centre our cooling system service includes:

•inspect all fans, hoses and belts
•pressure test radiator and cap
•thermostat operation
•test functioning of all components
•test electrical cooling system components
•inspect parts for corrosive damage
•flushing of cooling system
•coolant replacement


All other repairs and services

Other services include:

•Auto electrical repairs
•Starter motors and alternators
•Mufflers and exhaust
•Clutch repairs
•Electronic fuel injection service
•Electronic tuning
•Radiator repairs
•Air conditioning and heating system servicing
•All mechanical repairs

We also provide the following services:

•RWC Inspections
•Pre-purchase inspections with report
•Safety check before long trips



Elite Service Centre is VACC, VicRoads and IAME accredited. We also provide a convenient customer service of local pick up and drop off (book in advance) and after hours service by appointment.

We are offering a 10% discount off labour for pensioners and seniors card holders. All our work is fully guaranteed.


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For a quality service and the peace of mind that your car is in the best hands possible, then trust Elite Service Centre to maintain your car.

Call today on 03 8360 3633 and talk with one of our experienced and friendly automotive technicians.


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